June 5, 2017 @ 4:20 pm

Unmistakable Ways (A Pentecost sermon)


Check out Second Presbyterian Church

Read along with the dramatic reading here.

(Actually ... this isn't included in the reading [oops] but its contents are referenced in the sermon so I thought you might like to read it anyway.) 


Sermon excerpt: 

The transformation that happens to the disciples is the very SAME kind of transformation that happens every time the Spirit gets ahold of someone. I’ve seen it happen myself in this church and in your life; I’ve seen the unmistakable ways the Spirit has been poured out in you. You have been transformed, just like those first disciples.

And today, on Pentecost, the day that started it all, is our chance to celebrate those “unmistakable ways” together. 

PS My brain must have been a jumble because I missed the first two paragraphs of my sermon in the recording too! I'll do better next week, I promise! 

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