June 5, 2017 @ 4:09 pm

What’s Next? (An Ascension sermon)


Check out Second Presbyterian Church

Read along with Acts 1:1-14

**Note of caution: I was under the weather preaching this sermon. As you listen, you'll probably want to get me a glass of water in the middle; the cough drop I was sucking on wasn't cutting it. Rest assured, someone finally took pity on my and got me some water, for which I am grateful! (See Matthew 10:42.)


Sermon excerpt: 

And then, wouldn’t you know, coincidentally, or rather providentially, the same day I read this article, I started to study this passage from the book of Acts.[1] And then it hit me! THIS is the disciples’ biggest problem: their thinking is constantly too small!

Jesus always thinks abundantly: feeding five thousand with a few loaves and fish; casting out a legion of demons with a few words; creating barrels of wine out of simple water. When he speaks and acts, it’s never out of fear or scarcity; it’s always out of a mindset of abundance and trust.


[1] https://careynieuwhof.com/12-often-overlooked-practices-great-leaders-develop-that-poor-leaders-dont/


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