January 26, 2018

01.14.18 What Does God’s Voice Sound Like?


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Read along with 1 Samuel 3:1-20


In this podcast: 

1. Anthem of the day: "Here I Am, Lord" 

2. Sermon: "What Does God's Voice Sound Like?" 


Sermon excerpt: 

As Eli watches his legacy diminish, he sees Samuel’s role as God’s new priest begin to flourish. Their roles are now reversed: Samuel who was once young and dependent on Eli is now the one with authority and a future.

But together they are obedient, just as they were at the beginning of the story though their circumstances are drastically different now. They accept God’s verdict, which offers power and authority to Samuel and nothing but grief and humiliation to Eli.[1] Eli has nurtured Samuel in obedience to God, and his final act is to encourage Samuel to choose obedience to God as his own way of living -- not because Eli is telling him to but because it is what Samuel wants to do.

[1] Brueggemmann, 1 and 2 Samuel, Interpretation, p. 26.

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