January 26, 2018

01.21.18 Spiritual Geography: Sea of Galilee


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Read along with Mark 1:14-20


Sermon excerpt: 

In his 2014 novel named Hannah Coulter, author Wendell Berry wrote, "You can see that it is hard to mark the difference between our life and our place, our place and ourselves." He is a novelist, a poet, a Christian, a cultural critic, and an environmental activist who lives with his wife on a farm named “Lane’s Landing” in Henry County, Kentucky on the western bank of the Kentucky River.[i]


In all these stories, the Sea of Galilee is there, quietly shimmering in the background. It is a source of life-giving water to the people of Galilee and surrounding towns. It is the place where the disciples first drink from the Living water.

And throughout the story of Jesus, it is a touchstone, a place he comes back to again and again; a place of retreat far from the clamoring crowd looking for just one more healing or one more answered prayer.

For Mark, the story of Jesus begins on the banks of the Sea of Galilee: it is there that he says, “Come and follow me” for the very first time.

[i] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wendell_Berry

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