January 28, 2018

01.28.18 Spiritual Geography: The Capernaum Synagogue


Check out Second Presbyterian Church

Read along with Mark 1:21-28


*APOLOGIES: I accidentally deleted the audio from the service, both the anthem and the sermon!

I re-recorded the sermon in the sanctuary after everyone went home. But recreating the anthem is not so easy. Instead, WATCH THIS for a video of some other choir singing it! (Hey, it's better than nothing, right?!) 


Spiritual Geography: The Capernaum Synagogue 

Sermon excerpt: 

I believe Jesus deliberately chooses this modest little fishing village of Capernaum to be his ministry headquarters because it is so much like him: simple, humble, hard-working. It’s not the thriving metropolis of Jerusalem or other large cities full of hustle and bustle … but rather is a place where you can hear yourself think in the quiet, the kind of solitude Jesus frequently sought.

And I also believe he deliberately chooses to step into the spotlight in the synagogue. It is here, in the place of worship of the people of God, the place of prayer and Scripture and singing, where he first confronts and defeats the power of evil.[i] 

[i] Williamson, p. 50.

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