May 15, 2018

05.13.18 Power for a Fragile Community (Ascension)


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In this podcast: 

1. The Psalter  Psalm 47 

2. Anthem  "I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked"  (Words by Daniel S. Twohig; Music by Geoffrey O'Hara)
Dr. Stanley Workman, Jr., Tenor; Justin Wiget, Pianist 

3. New Testament Lesson  Acts 1:1-11 

4. Epistle  1 John 5:9-13

5. Sermon "Power for a Fragile Community 


Sermon excerpt 

Sometimes in midst of our fearfulness, when we are overwhelmed by how hard it is to be the church, we end up looking a lot like those disciples who stood there watching Jesus disappear into the clouds, I’m guessing with their mouths hanging open and a bewildered look on their faces.

For us, celebrating the Ascension means going from the “place where we gaze into the clouds to the places where the world needs Christ. We are called to be the hands, feet, eyes, and voice of Christ to the ends of the earth” as we witness to the good news of Jesus Christ, our risen and Ascended Lord, who is now our Advocate, Intercessor, and our biggest fan sitting at the right hand of God the Father Almighty.[1]


[1] Feasting on the Word, Year B, Volume 2. Acts 11, Pastoral Perspective, Peterson-Davis, Kindle Locations 17646-17655.

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