June 23, 2019

06.23.19 By Special Request: All About Angels


Sun, June 23, 2019 

Second Presbyterian Church + Portsmouth, OH 


"By Special Request" summer sermon series

Request: Angels -- who are they? how/when were they created? 


In this podcast: 

Prayer for Illumination 

Old Testament reading  Genesis 2:1-4 

Responsive reading  Psalm 148:1-6 

Epistle reading  Galatians 1:3-10 


Ministry of Music  "Angels through the Night"  Traditional/ Arr. by Phillip Kern 
(Mary Baughman, soloist; Dr. Stan Workman, accompanist) 


Gospel reading  Luke 2:8-20 

Sermon  "All About Angels" 


Sermon excerpt: 

Even for as much as we can know about angels, there’s much more that we can’t. Not quite humans, not quite God, they don’t fit into any of the categories we use to describe things, and so they remain a mystery that we can’t quite solve.

But I think that’s the whole point, actually. God – who is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, three in one and one in three – is always a mystery; so why would God’s angels, the messengers of God, be any less mysterious?

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