October 27, 2017

10.15.17 5 BIG Ideas: sola Fide (Faith alone)


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Read along with Galatians 2:14-21


In this podcast: 

1. Anthem of the Day: "My Faith Looks Up to Thee" (Palmer/Mason/Derksen) featuring Jacque Hines, soloist, and Kara Penley, flute obblicato

2. sermon 

3. BONUS, semi-spontaneous rendition of closing song from "Godspell" sung by our Shawnee State University students 


Sermon excerpt: 

This means the Jewish believers must let go of that identity and instead understand that now they are “counted as righteous” by faith because of the righteousness of Jesus. Christ’s death on the cross is accepted by God as the payment for our sins.[i] This is the gift of salvation given as God’s free grace alone … and it can only be accepted by faith alone, or sola fide (the third big idea of the Reformation).

Just as the Gentile Christians left behind their identities as pagans, so too the Jewish Christians have to let go of their old identity defined by following the law so that going forward they may all be defined only by following the Messiah. Now, God is shaping them into a completely new, UNITED community of faith where they no long follow the Law but rather the One who came to fulfill the Law.

[i]  Donald McKim, Reformation Questions, Reformation Answers, p. 77.

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