October 29, 2019

10.27.19 “Where Your Treasure Is”


Second Presbyterian Church + Portsmouth, OH 

"Where Your Treasure Is" 


Included in this podcast: 

Prayer for Illumination 

Old Testament reading  Joel 2:23-32 

The Psalter - Psalm 65:1-13 

Epistle reading  2 Timothy 4:6-8, 16-18 


The Anthem "Fight the Good Fight" (John Gardner) 


Gospel reading  Luke 12:22-34 

Sermon "Where Your Treasure Is" 


Sermon excerpt: 

Your heart follows your money.

Think about it. If you buy a new car, suddenly you love driving and look for every excuse to take someone somewhere. Buy a new house, and you want to have everyone over. Buy some new clothes or shoes, and you wear them the next day, even if they’re not the most weather-appropriate choices.

Your heart follows your money, specifically how you spend your money.

And “Jesus does not need your money. But he desperately wants your heart. Jesus knows that the key to having your heart is through your money.”ii 


ii https://www.jordanrimmer.com/stewardship-what-is-the-big-deal-about-money/ 

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