November 1, 2017

10.29.17 “Soli Deo Gloria” (Glory to God Alone)


Check out Second Presbyterian Church!

Read along with John 12:27-43


In this podcast:

1. Anthem of the day: "Built on a Rock the Church Doth Stand" (Lindeman/Grundtvig) 

2. Sermon 

3. All Saints' Day remembrance

4. "Amazing Grace" (Ryan Praskovich, bagpipes)


Sermon excerpt:

If only our restless hearts knew that the search is over. That God created us for him. For rest in him.

Once we have that, we don’t need anything else.

When Augustine talks of “rest,” he’s talking about the security and comfort of salvation in Jesus Christ, our only comfort in life and in death. Salvation through grace alone by faith alone in Christ alone as witnessed to by Scripture alone.

Once our hearts find this rest, our only response is gratefulness. Or, as Augustine would say, to delight in praising God. Or, as Martin Luther, father of this Protestant Reformation we’ve been learning about for the last 4 weeks, would put it: to give glory to God alone, which is our 5th of the 5 BIG ideas of the Reformation.

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