November 14, 2019

11.13.19 Prayer Experiment


Second Presbyterian Church + Portsmouth, OH 


In this week's PRAYER EXPERIMENT, we revisit last week's experiment! (We are trying to create new prayer habits, after all!) 

Pastor Allison collected another round of quotes about prayer, and we read through them asking which quotes spoke to our hearts either because they described how we felt or what we aspired to.

Then we tried analyzing Psalm 25 using the ACTS model of prayer (adoration, confession, thanksgiving, supplication). The ACTS model is a helpful way of constructing a written prayer. It can be useful for verbal prayers too, but we're focusing on writing prayers for right now. 

We explained to the person who was here this week but missed last week that our goal/homework, was to write a prayer using the words of Psalm 25 (or some other psalm) to be used as the "Prayers of the People" in worship. 

We read the prayer we wrote together last week and agreed to each write our own before our next gathering. 


Happy listening! 


Download the guide to follow along with the conversation: 

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