November 21, 2017

11.19.17 Speaking Frankly about Death: Life is Fragile


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Read along with Psalm 90:1-12


Sermon #2 in our series on "Speaking Frankly about Death" 


In this sermon podcast: 

1. Anthem of the day: "Lord, It Belongs Not to My Care" (Schalk/Baxter) 

2. Sermon 


Sermon excerpt: 

Following this line of thought quickly leads to a sense of nihilism and the sense that life is without purpose, that nothing we do matters. Life is fragile and frail and brief. From dust we come and to dust we return. 

But remember, this psalm is a prayer. A prayer of lament, but a prayer nonetheless. That means the psalmist is seeking a remedy or relief from this heaviness; he’s searching for meaning within the lament. By expressing the grief of his people regarding the brevity of their lives, he seeks to discover the significance of the life God chooses to give anyway, however brief it might be.

Here's a link to the song (David M. Bailey's "Love the Time") mentioned in the sermon:

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