December 15, 2017

12.10.17 “Strange Messengers”


Check out Second Presbyterian Church

Read along with Mark 1:1-8


Included in this podcast:

1. Anthem of the day: "Every Valley" (John Ness Beck) 

2. Sermon 


Sermon synopsis:  

It's funny how often those who are a little outside of the norm are chosen to be messengers to the rest of the world. Brian Henson made the strange choice of casting Gonzo as Charles Dickens in the movie The Muppets Christmas Carol precisely because he was the least likely character for that role.  

This unlikely decision fits right in with the biblical tradition of God calling strange messengers to bear his words to his people; strange messengers like locust and honey-eating, hairy-pelt wearing John the Baptizer, the voice crying out in the wilderness who warns his listeners to "Prepare" for the way of the Lord. 

What does his message sound like in today's world? 

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