July 17, 2017



Check out Second Presbyterian Church

Read along with Acts 4:21-31


From "Roots: Who God Created Us to Be" (exploring the early church in the book of Acts) 


Sermon excerpt:

Surely in their human frailty and sinfulness, Peter and John were at least a little bit scared to face the imposing group of religious authorities. David and Daniel’s friends and Esther and the widow probably were all a little scared too.

They all risked something in order to be bold—their reputation or their livelihood or their very lives. And in every case, it was worth it. Their courage and their boldness was fueled by the Spirit and the Word of God, a foundation which will never fail.

It makes me wonder: what does this kind of boldness look like today? Where are followers of Christ today being emboldened by the Spirit to stand up for something which pleases God even if it displeases the world around them? 

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