September 21, 2017

Forgiveness: The Currency of Life


Check out Second Presbyterian Church!

Read along with Matthew 18:21-35.


In this audio recording, after a few seconds of delay (while I scurry from the pulpit to the choir loft!), you will first hear the choir's anthem of the day, "Go Forth for God" (choral setting by Todd Wilson) and featuring John Parker on the trumpet.


Sermon excerpt 

Forgiveness is part of the everyday currency of life, even outside the church. Not a day goes by that we don’t ask for forgiveness for something we have done wrong or grant forgiveness to someone who has done wrong to us. Giving and receiving forgiveness is just part of the messiness of staying in relationship together.

“Repeated forgiveness holds the community [of faith] together.”[1] All our sins for all time have been forgiven on the cross. As we have been forgiven, we are expected to forgive others.


[1] The New Interpreter’s Study Bible, study note on Matthew 18:21-35.

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