October 29, 2018

Gifts of Love: “Spurring Each Other On” (Sun, Oct 28, 2018)


NOTE: For a variety of reasons, this is a SUPER-SIZED podcast including more of the service than usual which takes place in the chapel rather than the sanctuary so the sound is a little different.

The anthem ("I Need Thee Every Hour") starts at  21:53 and the sermon starts at 27:47 with an introduction and then the Hebrews reading. 

Sermon title: "Let's Do It!" 

Sermon text: Hebrews 10:11-25 (from "The Message") 


Sermon excerpt: 

You know, the more I think about and marinate in this passage, the more I wonder if it isn’t God saying to us, “Here is my Son, whom I love. He is the greatest gift of love I can give you. He will bleed for you and die for you and love you forever, even on the days when you don’t love him. So what are you going to do with my gift of love?”

And the best response I can think of is that we ought to spend every single breath living these words from Hebrews; to do everything within our power – and with a little help from the Holy Spirit – to encourage love and to help each other out, seeing how inventive we can be in coming up with ways to spur each other on in the faith; and to do it all joyfully and gratefully and enthusiastically.

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