October 24, 2018

Gifts of Love - Two Small Copper Coins (Sun, Oct 21, 2018)


Sermon title: "Two Small Copper Coins" (Gifts of Love series #2) 

Sermon text: Mark 12:38-44 


Sermon excerpt: 

On any other day in the temple, this widow and her two small copper coins would have gone unnoticed.

On any other day, she would have slipped in, dropped her last two coins into the treasury, which was either a small box or a special room in the temple, and then slipped out again.[i]

Her gift wasn’t large and extravagant like those who contributed out of their abundance. Those people, those gifts, they would have gotten noticed; they would have gotten a lot of special attention.  

But no one would have ever known this widow and her little gift of love, her two small copper coins, had even been there.


[i] NRSV New Interpreter’s Bible, note on 12:41, p. 1835.


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