December 4, 2018

Looking for a Fig Tree (”In-Between Time” sermon series) Sun, Dec 2, 2018


Sermon title: Looking for a Fig Tree ("In-Between Time" sermon series)  Sun, Dec 2, 2018 

Sermon text: Luke 21:25-36


Sermon excerpt: 

You’d think, based on what Luke said earlier, that Jesus would have pointed to the fig trees and other trees and talking about the leaves falling off as winter approaches, a sign of barrenness and death.

But here, he points directs our attention to the trees which are sprouting new leaves in the summer time. It’s a sign of life, new life even, which is a reflection of God’s kingdom.

Two very different signs, both full of truth. It’s the double-edge of Advent: the second coming of Jesus will bring a season of judgment and death and barrenness … but also a season of salvation and new life in Christ.  

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