October 9, 2018

Season of Creation - “I see humans but no humanity” (Sun, Oct 7)


Sermon title: "I see humans but no humanity." 

Sermon text: Mark 10:35-45 


Sermon excerpt: 

Jesus draws them together for a little talk.

He doesn’t reject them; he doesn’t even rebuke them, really. He just gently chastises them, saying (and this is from the Allison paraphrase version of the Bible), “I know you want to be great. But being great according to this world is to be harsh and tyrannical, to abandon your humanity and to become utterly selfish.

In my world, in the kingdom of heaven, to be great is to be a servant and to live for the sake of others, to become vulnerable in order to trust like a child.”

Jesus is at this very moment living life the way God intended humans to live from the very beginning, serving and not being served. And the disciples are faced with the choice of serving themselves or serving others.

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