September 26, 2018

Season of Creation - “What the Heavens are Saying” (Sun, Sept 23, 2018)


Sermon title: "What the Heavens are Saying" (Season of Creation sermon series) 

Sermon text: Psalm 19


Sermon excerpt: 

No less than Bach, Beethoven, Handel, and Haydn – all master musicians – have used the words of this psalm to delight and to preach to listeners throughout the ages using the images and reflections of God in Creation.

Yes, you heard that right: they used these words to PREACH to their listeners. For in fact, that’s what the Creation does: it preaches to us of God’s glory.

The Creation, the heavens above and the earth below, witnesses to God. God’s glory is preached through the sunrises and sunsets; in the ocean waves; and in the stars in the sky. 

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