November 15, 2017

11.12.17 Speaking Frankly About Death: The Great Equalizer


Check out Second Presbyterian Church

Read along with 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18.


In this sermon podcast: 

1. Anthem of the day: "Rejoice, the Lord is King" (Archer/Wesley) 

2. Sermon: "The Great Equalizer" 


Sermon excerpt: 

Friends, from the moment we’re born, we’re dying. Maybe it’s time we start embracing that knowledge; not in a macabre or warped way … but honestly, acknowledging that this life is temporary and that something much grander awaits us. Maybe instead of seeing passersby as strangers, we can instead see them as fellow travelers on a pilgrimage. Maybe then we will be willing to enter into and to shed a tear for someone else’s suffering instead of spending all our time being focused on our own.

It turns out, though we fear that which we don’t understand, we can in fact face the depths of death … because we have the words of life, of hope in the Lord Jesus Christ and our own resurrection.

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