November 11, 2018

“The People Standing Here” (All Saints’ Sunday - Sun, Nov 4, 2018)


Sermon text: John 11:1-44 

Sermon title: "The People Standing Here" 


Sermon excerpt: 

During their lifetime, the crowd of saints who stood where we now stand must have seen their faith grow through struggle and suffering. And they must have witnessed first-hand the beauty that God can grow out of tragedy. Their faith in this beauty has sustained the church for generation after generation, just as it sustains us today.

This is our inheritance as descendants of these saints: the knowledge that we are never alone but that we are part of the crowd of saints, the communion of saints; knowing that when our faith slips or when we start to doubt, we can borrow a little bit of someone’s else faith for a while until we find ourselves on steady ground again.

The life of faith was never meant to be lived in isolation, but rather in the company of others, in the crowd standing there together, asking questions and searching for hope together.

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